Monday, November 30, 2009

Another 3 months passes by

So are the days of our lives..

Actually - some days it feels like my life is a bit of a soap opera!

Jenna and Hamish doing some building

Work has been frantically busy, but great. Teaching is definitely my thing, which is terribly comforting. The school I work at is amazing, and everyone is fabulous.

The kids are growing furiously - in both mind and body, and Hamish has started kindy.

First Day of Kindy

I have been plenty busy in the craft world too - lots of dyeing, knitting and sewing. Really enjoying myself.

Painting rocks for Mothers Day

So why no posts? Well I guess I update alot more often on Facebook these days, which is great. I am catching up with friends from many years past - and its kinda cool to see what all my school mates from the early 90's are now doing. Some wonderful things - thats for sure! There are editors, muso's, producers, designers, models, tv stars, but most importantly - lots of nice people, doing good things that usually involve family.

Snow on the Napier-Taupo road in October!!!

So here are some shots of the last few months. Enjoy.

Kindy trip to the zoo last week