Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finished Uni! (again....)

Well thats it - I'm a teacher!

I finished my course last week, and there was much celebration amongst the different factions. Some of us "Techie" teachers include 3 ex-chefs, so on Wednesday night we chose to celebrate the end of the week at the Mystery Creek Woodbox in Hamilton. OMG - what a nice way to spend the afternoon!! Food was magnificent, company great, and the setting ideal.

It was a busy week, we did a course on Education outside the Classroom (school camps, field trips etc) and by Friday we were well and truly pooped! Here are some of the photos of the Friday afternoon celebration.....

As you can tell - the setting a little different, but still just as enjoyable! This kicked on from about 1pm til 5pm, and then another party started at 6pm which went until the we small hours of the morning. Alas - both nights I was driving, so there was no great drinking for me, but it was nice to spend time with people's whose company I enjoy.

Tough year, but a good one. I have a Science job all lined up, which will be great. Its a catholic boys school, where I was on practicum. Apparently I did alright there! It means that we will be staying in this house for at least a couple of years as its a nice 15-20min drive for me to school each day, and where we are is great.

So now I am a free woman!!! I have swaps to organise, Christmas to get together, knitting to do, house to clean, and somewhere in there I have to earn some money to keep this family ticking over summer as my first pay check is apparently mid Feb.....