Sunday, October 31, 2010

Its the little things...

So with the huge upheaval that happened in our life over the last couple of weeks, and being faced with the uncertainty that comes after these events, I'm finding time to enjoy the little things.

Today these are the things I am thankful for:

1) Having kickass taste in sewing equipment. 
This is my stunning sewing machine. 

Its a special edition Bernina I bought around 2002, and it was terribly expensive for someone who wasn't sewing at the time.
I've been brought up around sewing - my mother owns a very large patchwork and quilting shop, and we have lived around fabric crafts for our whole lives (cross-stitch, knitting, sewing, etc etc etc)
So when I decided to buy, I bought the best.  It was $2200AUD 8y ago, and came with extras like a free walking foot (val. $125), a stainless, full sized arm, knee lift, programmable stitches, a two way pedal so that you use your heel and the needle goes up or down.  All of these things are no longer available on the comparable model.
Its an amazing piece of equipment, and has only missed a beat once - when I hit a pin and whacked out the timing.  I expect it will last me another 20y at least.

2) Shane being able to sleep wherever, whenever!
This is my DP 3 weeks after finding out he had a large brain tumour that has since been removed and diagnosed as Grade I benign.  It will be a long road to recovery, and he sleeps more than a newborn baby!  I have had to give up work to look after the household, and I'm very thankful for his naps because it means he will get better.  Slowly.  With infinite patience from me and the kids.

3) My vege garden coming up to summer.

These are all seeds I planted in the last 2-4 weeks.  We have beans, corn, beetroot, radish, peas, spinach, cabbage etc.  We have 3 other vege patches too, and the 20kg of seed potatoes we planted in the community garden, so our vege garden is pretty important to us.  I tend it like its a child, weeding, watering and de-bugging in an organic manner.

So - what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I have many nieces and no nephews!
In fact, H is the only Grandson on both sides of the family (excluding the ex-communicated ones......)

Nieces are fun to make gifts for.  They like dresses that I can knit, and shawls, and I can sew them things too.  All good outlets for my creative flair.

S is 11 (I think???) this weekend, so I decided to try out a new design for her gift, a lined bag and a lined zippered purse in some super pretty colours.
I think these will make excellent project bags for knitters (with the matching purse for all your odds and sods) and I am planning on making them to sell when life gets a little more gentle (and I have done all the pricing).

One of these sets will be in my giveaway bonanza next week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The resurrection......

So I'm back.

And this time I promise to be good.
Unexpectedly I have become a SAHM again about 2 months earlier than I planned.  Shane recently faced some horrific health issues we have had to battle through, and as a consequence, I have given up work early, with my maternity leave actually due to start in January 2011.

Over the next few months I plan to blog far more frequently, and I will be offering a few goodies on the side.  I plan on keeping myself busy next year by offering both custom knits, and one-off specials with an extra special dye job!  Also plan on selling some other bits and pieces to keep my craft budget funded.

Come along for the ride!  Expect a few things over the next week:
  • Maybe a redesign and rename (not sure here)
  • A giveaway (still working out exactly what to give away.....)
  • A sneak peak of whats to come
  • More news about family and our lifestyle
  • And perhaps more......
Thanks for popping back!  Lets see if I can get this blog back up and running with a nice clean start.