Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before and after - first haircut!

Crawford is about 6m old now, and has just had her first haircut. So cute - I could almost eat her up!

Before - and this is after brushing!

Scruffy thing, but loads of personality.

After - soooooo cute!! She actually looks like a proper westie now!

This took 2 hours. Nails filed, ears plucked then cut, face cleaned up, back clipped, bum and tail clipped. A girl has got to have all the treatments daahling!

Amazing! She looks fabulous, and apparently went very well, so the only thing we have to practise before the next trip is plucking her ears as she didn't enjoy that so much.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calling all customs!

I had a query about customs - whether I am up for them at the moment.

Yes I am!

In a week I will be on school holidays, so that's 2 weeks of being at home - bliss!

I am interested in doing a dye up or two, so if you want to contact me for a custom - fjwolff at ihug dot co dot nz

At the moment I have the following in stock:
4 ply machine wash 100%
4 ply machine wash sock wool (70/30)
8 ply machine wash 100%
and 200g each of 2 and 3 ply lace wool.

I am interested in jumper lots - so if you were thinking of a larger dye job, let me know.

Roll on last week of term ;)