Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spots Galore

This is todays effort. You may recognise the fabric from the spotlight stash from last week - well I made the bag today, and I'm pretty happy with it!
I can't believe the pattern though. It was a freebie from spotlight in their stash of patterns, and I have to say it was almost negligent. All the easy things had mammoth instructions - the tricky things had next to nothing. I had to pin and "try out" the seams several times, but in the end it finally came together.
So not sure what it will be used for. All up it took me about 3hrs to sew, which considering how many times the quick-un-pick came out, is a pretty good effort.
I might make another, and it will be heaps easier.

Back to my glass of red - and a house without a toddler - go the stayovers at Grumps' house!!!! YAY!! But the newbie is screaming it up, he's fed, clean, but tired, and is battling sleep with his daddy while I am doing this.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Fabric!

Yay for spotlight sales! It seems crazy to buy fabric when I can get it from mum, and I have plenty in my stash, but I saw these today and couldn't resist.
The spotty one I think will be for a new bag for me. I want a nice large sturdy bag, like a lined tote or something, I shall hold the fabric until I find the right pattern.
The red fabrics are going to be a new quilt. I think I'll make a sampler with it - I have 4.5m of the red floral, so thats the borders, and I have previously made a red/green quilt for my niece as a present, so I have lots of scraps that will work well in sampler blocks!
Fun fun fun - now just to find the hours in the day :D

Minkee.... Oh so soft!

I found out yesterday that Hamish has glue ear, and can't hear anything at the moment. Poor little guy :( so I I decided to make hime something nice and tactile for him. At Spotlight today in their 20% off sale, they had some lovely minky, so I grabbed a metre, and a pile of ribbon, and made this up today.
Man is minky hard to sew!
Pictured on the blanky is our new kitten Noni. She only comes out to play when the kids are in bed.... Poor thing doesn't know what has hit it with a crazy toddler in its life!
Oh - and the blanket got christened during nappy off time. A lovely wee across it which thankfully pooled, so I could clean it off before the thing got wet.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bag Lady

I have a heap of second birthdays coming up. I've already made quite a few special bags for Jenna to put toys in. She has one for her kitchen toys, one for her blocks, one for her animals and I have yet to make one for her musical toys.

So I thought a nice thing to make for Jenna's cousin would be a bag for her - and I'll send it with a lovely Mr McGee book I bought today. Its pretty cute. I like the applique I've done on this bag - its very simple, but nice, but I changed the way I made the bag and now I have to come up with a new way of putting the drawstring on it. I'm thinking maybe a button flap....
Not sure.

This bag is also fully lined, so they become lovely soft but strong bags.

Knitted Veges

I'm on a mission at the moment to make lots of little knitted things. Stemming mainly from the steiner playgroup we go to where they have the most gorgeous little animals knitted :D I'm getting the patterns for these in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I've started knitting some veges from some free patterns on the net.
I love them - jenna could give or take them to be honest. Maybe they will be more Hamish's thing......
So this is my carrot and my aubergine. Next up I reckon will be the banana, or maybe the broccoli. The celery is pretty cool too. The orange isn't bad either.
Actually I really want to be knitting these animals, so I would imagine that by the time I go to knit another one, I will have the patterns for the little animals, so I'll knit them instead.