Sunday, May 4, 2008

Clapotis finished!

Yay - this is the wrap finally finished.

I do love it - knitted in Silk Garden Lite, it took me about 4-5m to get done, a bit longer than expected, but them's the breaks.

I did an additional 8-10 repeats in the straight section cause I wanted it long, and it surely is!!

Very happy to have another WIP knocked off.

Call that a wool delivery......

THIS is a wool delivery!!!!!

Check out the size of this box that arrived for me from Little Knits in USA this week :)

And this is what was inside....

They had Noro on sale, so I may have bought a little bit. I have all the best intentions of onselling on Trade me - not all of it of course ;) - but first I want to pat it for a while.

Sue from Little Knits was awesome. This only took about 10d to come from USA, and because it was over a certain amount, she split the international costs with me.

I also got some Brown Sheep products - Wildfoote, Lambs Pride Worsted and some Serenditpity Tweed that I think will go towards winter hats and scarves.

I love wool :)

Thanks Mandy! RAOK Swap

Mandy from Australia sent me this absolutely stunning wetbag she made from recycled woollen blanket. It is just.... GORGEOUS!!! On the other side of the bag there is a ladybird on a leaf.

She was also super clever, and sent me the seeds as well from a local organic supplier, so I am looking forward to getting more garden beds in.

Actually, Shane did them yesterday when I was at work, so they just need to be filled with soil, and we are good to go!

Thanks so much Mandy - there is no way this will be a wet bag with Shane doing most of the nappies now. More like it will be a knitting project bag for me :)

Thanks Meagan!

A bit remiss of me - I have not yet posted the photos of my Australian Bag Lady Swap from Ravelry :)

Meagan from Australia sent me this great package! It also had a Yarn mag with it, but I couldn't find it when I was taking photos this morning.

Thanks Meagan - its a wonderful gift, and I love it heaps. The kids love the books too, so far I have managed to keep little miss off the stickers as I want to "control" her putting them in the book for once.

Really appreciate your work - especially the killer postage!!