Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kindy Present for 2009

These are the presents we are giving the kindy teachers this year.

Inspired by other's blogs, specifically Bakerella..... They are a cookie in a jar - just need some butter, egg and vanilla added and they are good to go!

I think they are really nice, and a bit fun. Our teachers are very special - they are Montessori trained, and now have both kids! Jenna is there full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Hamish does half days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday I went to the kindy and did a science lesson for the afternoon kids. It was fun - we looked a x-rays and some skeleton bones, played with a microscope, did some household acid and base chemistry and played with the power packs and lightbulbs.

Apparently they are going to write a book about me.... Kaiako Fiona......

Hamish also had his birthday today at kindy, so following in the family tradition we had muffins and candles. All good fun. There was another lovely little girl celebrating from yesterday, so 2 muffins for all the kiddies.