Sunday, May 4, 2008

Call that a wool delivery......

THIS is a wool delivery!!!!!

Check out the size of this box that arrived for me from Little Knits in USA this week :)

And this is what was inside....

They had Noro on sale, so I may have bought a little bit. I have all the best intentions of onselling on Trade me - not all of it of course ;) - but first I want to pat it for a while.

Sue from Little Knits was awesome. This only took about 10d to come from USA, and because it was over a certain amount, she split the international costs with me.

I also got some Brown Sheep products - Wildfoote, Lambs Pride Worsted and some Serenditpity Tweed that I think will go towards winter hats and scarves.

I love wool :)


Tania said...

Wow! That has to be parcel of the year :)

Sam said...

oh my! that is one awesome yarn delivery!