Friday, February 27, 2009

Pay it forward

So a year or so ago I promised to do a PIF that would turn up in 365 days - and I only got 2 responses, and one of them was a little dodgy (not you margaret...)

I am OK with not receiving my PIF - cause really - in these things do you ever "expect" to receive them?

But I want to put it out again since I am just over my year, and I am one for commitments!!! So if you are Oz or NZ please be one of 2 to comment, and I can fulfill my blogworld duty :D

Really - who cares, and who knows, and its all about karma, which I am all into.....

So post first two, and get something nice that suits you in the next month or two - I promise to lurk and stalk to get it almost right :)

Should say that if you want to receive you have to post this on your blog and post to 3 in return within 365 days.........


Courtney said...

I was just thinking about this idea this morning! its a yarny sign!!

well Id adore something in my mailbox besides a bigpond bill lol

and Im going to go post it on my blog right now

Rainbow Child said...

Howdy doody,
What a lovely Idea!!
Right up my alley.

Fi said...

Cool you guys - email me at fjwolff at ihug dot co dot nz and I will stalk my stalking ;)

Kelly said...

What a lovely thing to do Fi! May your kindness come back in unexpected ways :)