Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before and after - first haircut!

Crawford is about 6m old now, and has just had her first haircut. So cute - I could almost eat her up!

Before - and this is after brushing!

Scruffy thing, but loads of personality.

After - soooooo cute!! She actually looks like a proper westie now!

This took 2 hours. Nails filed, ears plucked then cut, face cleaned up, back clipped, bum and tail clipped. A girl has got to have all the treatments daahling!

Amazing! She looks fabulous, and apparently went very well, so the only thing we have to practise before the next trip is plucking her ears as she didn't enjoy that so much.


Laura said...

Oh my gosh! She looks like a completely different dog! I personally don't mind the scruffy look, but she looks beautiful with her new do!! I am glad everything went smoothly!

Sam said...

she is so adorable!

Karen said...

Hi - i followed you here from the Ravlry Westies group. She looks beautiful! My Sophie is 4.5 months and I hope to get her trimmed soon. Is this a "Westie" cut or a puppy cut?

Fi said...

She does look pretty - but she is still sulking LOL.
We asked for a westie cut, but its fairly long on the back still

Princess Fiona (according to my husband) said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog, I am another Fi married to another Shane!