Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping the vampires away

I am so damned proud of our little garden. While we are getting a few problems at the moment in terms of white fly (possibly has something to do with the fact we are still growing brassica's in summer......) our garlic has gone so well this year.

Can I recommend you plant your garlic this year in a raised bed? This stuff is kick ass.

Other points of interest.

Corn - doing very well, but I think it might be a bit small.

Basil looking pretty good as well. We are getting a nice feed of beans every couple of days which is nice too. Courgettes OK (but a few brown leaves which is worrying....), lettuce performing well, beetroot growing, cucumbers starting to come along.

Tomatoes aren't going brilliantly, and I think this comes from our reluctance to use sprays in the garden. I am feeding them a little more now, so hopefully it will give them they boost they need.

So - we now have our best raised bed space free again - we just have to decide what to put in the garlic's place for a few months......


Jo's Place said...

WOW look at all that garlic, I haven't tried growing it, but will next season. Garden is looking fantastic. Thanks for reminding me to feed my tomatoes, best I go do that now :)

Fi said...

My liquid based tomato feed is "monthly" and was recommended to me by my Aussie hippy midwife for growing amazing tomatoes. And thats about as specific as I am going to be in this public space ;)

Kelly said...

LOL, my nana swears by that 'formula' too. Oh and getting the men to pee on the Lemon trees ;)