Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I have many nieces and no nephews!
In fact, H is the only Grandson on both sides of the family (excluding the ex-communicated ones......)

Nieces are fun to make gifts for.  They like dresses that I can knit, and shawls, and I can sew them things too.  All good outlets for my creative flair.

S is 11 (I think???) this weekend, so I decided to try out a new design for her gift, a lined bag and a lined zippered purse in some super pretty colours.
I think these will make excellent project bags for knitters (with the matching purse for all your odds and sods) and I am planning on making them to sell when life gets a little more gentle (and I have done all the pricing).

One of these sets will be in my giveaway bonanza next week.


Rainbow Child said...

beautiful fi!!! and yup, what a greta idea for knitters!!

Fi said...

Thanks Hannah.
Turns out it was 12th birthday, and she loved it. My sister spent quite a while looking for a tag - what a compliment ;)