Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knitting again! Jenna's shorties.

Jenna starts at her Steiner playgroup in two weeks, and its all very earthy there. They have suggested what clothes the kids wear, mainly natural fibres and no logos!
I've decided to try and get Jenna back into woollen soakers - she hasn't let me put her in wool for about 4-5m now, so I have chose all the earthy block balls of wool from my stash, and we are trying to put it together into a pair of shorties that she can wear to playgroup.
Its all cheap wool, but thats fine as I fully expect them to get completely trashed at playgroup, so funny colours and crappy wool is probably a good thing.
The other great thing is she is actually letting me knit in front of her, cause they are "jenna's pants" and she's a bit excited about them!

1 comment:

Nelle said...

Oh Fi I really hope she wears them!!
I like the colours, earthy colours are cool!