Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

Its a small thing, but every ANZAC Day I try to make these - Anzac bikkies from the Edmonds cookbook. Most kiwis would know what I am on about, but the aussies are going to be lost!

The Edmonds cookbook is a must have in any kiwi kitchen. I think its been published since the 50s and it has evolved with NZ. I love it - specially since it has all the handy conversions in the front. So whenever I am cooking USA recipes, I have to pull this out to convert ;)

This batch were interesting! Everytime I make them they are a little bit different, sometimes they are stodgy, other times chewy. I admit I like the chewy ones best - I think its a function of the butter!

So I think the origins of Anzac bikkies were that they were the ingredients readily available during WWI, (but I can't see butter being available.....) and I think they were baked and sent over to the troops. The other great thing about them is they are great for kids to make as they dont have any egg, so the mix can be eaten raw, which obviously is great when you have little hands with you. Jenna loves cvooking with me :)

Its my first Anzac Day back in NZ for a number of years, and it was nice to see the NZ spin on the day. I have missed the kiwi feel to the "celebrations". Anzac Day always makes me feel very sad - I could never let my children go to fight in a war, and I dont know how parents do it - even now. I hate the waste of life, what a horrendous waste, and while I know those poor boys and men did it for the good of the country, sometimes I wonder. Specially with the political nature of the wars of today. Surely there were ways to avoid Gallipoli and the whole bloody war??

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