Friday, April 18, 2008

An even bigger girl!!

So wow - Jenna first term at kindy is over, and it seems like she is still so little to be going, but she loves it.

Today was the end of term, and there was a concert in the next door baptist church, and here is a photo of all the kids. OMG I could probably be sued if they knew I posted their kids on the net, but they are just so cute :)

So I just threw Jenna up on the stage cause we got there late (we had been planting the new gardens!!!) and I didn't even pay attention to te fact that she was ripping it up, but it was only afterwards, when a couple of the parents commented to me that she was totally into it, I really realised she was! Specially when I playback the video of my camera and I see all the other kids her age just standing there with their arms by their sides, liek little stunned rabbits!!
So here is a special photo to show my little girl getting into it, and even better, half the songs were Maori, which I love even more since its a private Montisorri kinder, in a very "white" town, and they are totally going against what I thought :) Love, love, love it!!!!!!!

Oh - by the way, mine is the little one with the red top and the denim shorts :)

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