Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frog a friend

Tagged by Kelly , this is my frogged friend.

Sadly my rainbow vomit argosy was not panning out the way I hoped it would. In fact its usually a good sign that the project is better off frogged when it actually looks nicer in the ball than knitted up......

And now I tag Sam :)

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Sam said...

thanks for the tag Fi! I have a few things I'd be happy to hit the frog pond! I'd use the left over rainbow combined with black (yes I am obsessed with that colour combo at the moment!). You could stripe it, or fairisle or mosaic it, or just use it as a contrast heel/toe/cuff. Oh, and don't forget that Lorna's skeins are actually around 60g, so you've probably got a good 90g left, which is still a good amount.