Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fifth post in one day!!

Wow - the big five!

I have had heaps to post over the last month, but unfortunately my iMac went kaput. Turns out that the same problem has no happened 3 times and been repaired under warranty, but when the computer died within 3hrs of having it home from the last repair, that was it.

Apple Asia have been fantastic!! There were massive receipt problems as it was an ex demo, that had been put in the wrong box - so my receipt matched my box s/n, not my actual computer!

They informed me yesterday they are collecting my old puter, and replacing it with a brand spanking new iMac, whcih is just fab. While my old unit was only 18mo, and was working wonderfully (except for one small issue....) a new one is even better :)

So I have been surviving on my 12" laptop for the last 4w, which has been a killer as its very small, and veeeeeery slow - thus no downloading of photos, and no working on Rav for my projects or stash.

I have heaps to update when I get my new unit, so here's hoping the data transfers from the old unit to the new one go smoothly, and I dont lose any important things - like photos and files.

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