Sunday, October 12, 2008

A rainbow magic cape

I have no idea why - but I decided to make the kids capes. I had some old lining fabric there that I always planned to make something out of, but never got around to it. Turns out it was a perfect amount for 2 rainbow capes.

So roughly - this is how I did it.

Cut out a massive half circle of paper, then halved it, and divided it into 3 segments. Voila - templates.

Then I lay the template on the lining, and cut the segments in order, then overlocked them together.

Following this I decided to line the cape, and I had some pink T-shirt material around. Cut this out using the quarter circle left over from before (on the fold) and sewed around the two together. Turned inside out, top-stitched and quilted in the ditch, then cut a circle out from the top.

I overlocked that, put some grosgrain ribbon on to bind it, and thread through some elastic for the next piece.

Madam is quite happy with her rainbow cape, although it is a bit rough!!! I know a little girl in Oz who would love one, but I fear that my sewing wouldn't be up to her mummy's standard on this project ;) Still - its fully machine washable, and should be able to be played with as much (or as little) as she likes.

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