Sunday, March 15, 2009

A 4th birthday is around the corner...

So here I am trying to get the invites done.

We couldn't decide on a specific theme, so we decided on princess fairies.....

Actually I decided after I found a whole pile of paper barbie princess plates and cups for about 75% off - that was enough, theme set.

I am going to try and keep most of the party disposable free, but I am happy for paper plates and cups.

So here are the invites - printed myself, covered in glitter and rolled with a ribbon. I think they will look quite nice in the kindergarten pigeon holes tomorrow. I really dont know what the etiquette is for invites, there are boys and the older kids and the younger kids all invited. We just let Jenna tell us who she wanted. About 13 kids!! Also their siblings, so we may be up for around 25 kids - which would be interesting if it rained!!! Mind you, its at the start of school holidays, in the middle of easter, so I suspect that will be prohibitive for some.

I am doing flower garlands for the girls, crowns for the boys. I'm hoping to make something nice for the garden, and each child invited (not siblings) will get a fabric bag for their goodies. I'm hoping to knit a little korknisse for each of them, and maybe have a few nice prizes for games. I dunno - I'm now over it ;) and its 4 weeks away!

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Rainbow Child said...

Beautiful invites!!!!