Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Precious....

Its a sad state of affairs when you have a thing for wool. I have a thing for wool. Therefore I am sad. Or pathetic. Or whatever.

Anyway - Wollmeise. Hard as anything to get your hands on, and after almost a year, this is my stash. I sold one to Sam who made a beautiful shawl, and knitted up some of my Saami, and this is what is left!

I love the stuff, and it smells great, and since I dye wool (often to sell....) I feel qualified to say her colours are intense, tasteful and insanely beautiful!

From left to right
Fratello (Yarnissima Kits)
Buxkranzl (Sock Club)
Okzident (Sock Club)
Spina de Pesce (Yarnissima)
Hollerstaud'n (Sock Club)
Petit Poison No 5
Digitessa (Yarnissima)
Jultomte (Sock Club)
Orient (Sock Club)
Campari Orange
Red Hot Chilli
and 2 naturals along the back.

There are 2 more sock clubs to come, and then I think I am done with buying Wollmeise. Its horribly stressful, there is lots of hoarders of the stuff, and the price is horribly inflated on places like Ebay USA. For example the latest installment of the sock club sold on Ebay for $300 USD. Now I love the stuff, but at $50NZD per skein, thats about my limit!! I cannot justify keeping more than this, nor can I justify the constant trading and selling that goes on. I wish people would just buy what THEY want, and leave the rest for other people who want to buy. I never buy more than 3 skeins at a time becuase postage goes stupid after that, and really, dropping $150 NZD on wool in an evening every few months is obscene as it is.

Recently I purchased all four kits from Yarnissima - she sells Wollmeise with a pattern in a stunning kit. They arrived today from Netherlands, and wow!! The wrapping, and the extra goodies all just show what an amazing buying experience this all is.

So watch for future projects. I think I am going to do a shawl with Rhabarber and Jultomte, and I can see a few other projects of mixing the natural and Saami. I also want to do a petit poison and Hollerstaud'd project I think as mine go beautifully.

I think the wool is worth it - its 150g skeins which in itself makes it worth minimum $30NZD (as most nice sock wools are around $20/100g, and with the colours, the quality and the gorgeous smell (Perwoll wool wash) its an enjoyable thing to collect.


Sam said...

Wow that is a nice stash -yum! I totally hear you about the mania, although it's easy to see why it's so popular, and I can see how people get drawn into the madness. Your sock kits arrived already!? Did you buy yours long before I bought mine? Can't wait to get them!

Jo's Place said...

That is one seriously scrummy looking stash you got there. Trouble is, if it was me I wouldn't want to knit with it, just keep it somewhere to fondle and admire. LOL :)

nova_j said...

wow it really is gorgeous, but ITA about the hoarding! ok most knitters are hoarders to a degree, but is it really on a par with a 1st ed of a classic novel?! collecting & stashing just for the sake of owning it is just plain weird when it comes to yarn imo!

but i've never seen any WM 'in the fleece' so what would i know?! lol..

Fi said...

Well I only knitted the Saami cause it was my least favourite, and it was a challenge - in that it was hard to make something so "out there" look nice - but I was very happy with the result.
I just bought my last skein from someone - a colour I have been wanting for ages, so I am happy. Still I haven't got my Peppermint Prince, but oh well - I shall quietly slink away from the WM hysteria, and knit with it for a year or two!

Kelly said...

By golly...what I would give to get into your yarn stash ;) You got any time for a couple of customs?

Ange said...

it's been said before, but ...
great stash!!

Pretty ...