Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Log Cabin Finished

I know I haven't put in the binding shots yet, and I haven't showed you how to do the batting sandwich, but its pretty unlikely that anyone needs to bind a quilt, and this baby is finished so I'm going to show it off!

Very, very, very happy with it!!!

I love the boldness of the red hearth in the centre of each block, and the blue border sets it off.

I didn't enjoy machine quilting it at all (I never do....) but its a simple job that looks OK.

I'm slowly getting used to my digital SLR.  Some settings are still a mystery to me, I really need to do a course or something, but I am starting to play around a bit more to get different effects.

And just to finish off, a gratuitous shot of the (not so) wee fella.

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