Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spots Galore

This is todays effort. You may recognise the fabric from the spotlight stash from last week - well I made the bag today, and I'm pretty happy with it!
I can't believe the pattern though. It was a freebie from spotlight in their stash of patterns, and I have to say it was almost negligent. All the easy things had mammoth instructions - the tricky things had next to nothing. I had to pin and "try out" the seams several times, but in the end it finally came together.
So not sure what it will be used for. All up it took me about 3hrs to sew, which considering how many times the quick-un-pick came out, is a pretty good effort.
I might make another, and it will be heaps easier.

Back to my glass of red - and a house without a toddler - go the stayovers at Grumps' house!!!! YAY!! But the newbie is screaming it up, he's fed, clean, but tired, and is battling sleep with his daddy while I am doing this.

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