Monday, March 12, 2007

Minkee.... Oh so soft!

I found out yesterday that Hamish has glue ear, and can't hear anything at the moment. Poor little guy :( so I I decided to make hime something nice and tactile for him. At Spotlight today in their 20% off sale, they had some lovely minky, so I grabbed a metre, and a pile of ribbon, and made this up today.
Man is minky hard to sew!
Pictured on the blanky is our new kitten Noni. She only comes out to play when the kids are in bed.... Poor thing doesn't know what has hit it with a crazy toddler in its life!
Oh - and the blanket got christened during nappy off time. A lovely wee across it which thankfully pooled, so I could clean it off before the thing got wet.

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