Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been a while...

Well it has been a while, and that could be cause I have been very busy on practicum!

Teacher training is taking its toll, and its alot of hours, when I really do feel that I dont have to plan every minute of my lesson!!

Anyway, it all finishes up tomorrow for this section, and I got my review today, and I am terribly, fantastically, amazingly proud that I got the best mark possible.

I am apparently a teacher "with flair". And that makes me feel pretty damned good.

I have had plenty of obstacles in my path. I got a 5th form class that was very disengaged, and even worse, I got stuck with them when their teacher went on "stress leave" cause they were SO damned naughty!!!

But here is a picture of my sweet and challenging year 12 physics class, bless their little socks (while I wish I was knitting them......)

I loved practicum, but I am ready to get back to uni for some more cruisy hours, and a bit of "geek" theoretical talk.

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