Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poor me :(

I am such a tragic old thing.

Today I am the excited recipient of a MOON BOOT!!! See picture for further clarification.

I have a veyr bad ankle, sprained numerous times over the years - usually attributed to alcohol or netball.

This time it was netball, and bugger it all within 4 goals in the game. We went on to lose, and I felt awful on the sideline :(

So me an my new moon boot will be firm friends for at least a week. I have a fracture clinic visit in a week which should clarify if the darkish area on my film is a fracture or nothing, but hopefully it is just a sprain, and I can take this monstrosity off in a week or so.

Still - makes it hard for uni for the next week!! I will be getting a lift with a friend that thankfully lives about 200m from me. But still, I feel pretty bad getting dropped off at the gates while she has to hunt for a car park :(

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