Friday, January 7, 2011

Never a dull moment....

Medically speaking, this pregnancy has been non-eventful for me and baby.
Of course there has been loads going on all around me, but bubs has been pretty well behaved and my body has been quite reliable.

Well that went and changed over the last week.

I had my 39w midwife appointment today, and she commented that the bum was feeling very bony.  I went straight away for a scan (thankfully a new radiology clinic has just opened in town with ultrasound facilities!!!) and sure enough, its not a bum.
This pesky child has turned head up.

At the moment, baby is looking something like this (but no idea on genitalia of course....):

Which is not at all ideal.  Particularly when you have a planned home birth.  So I'm now heading in for an "urgent" hospital appointment on Monday.  Not sure what they think urgent means, but evidently at 39w you can wait 4 days for these things.

So from here the options are:
  1. Deliver said breech baby at hospital (apparently very possibly given its my #3 and its legs are up)
  2. Get baby to turn through myself between now and Monday's appointment and continue with the home birth.
  3. Go to Monday's appointment, baby still breech and have a ECV which looks unpleasant, but will allow me to have the home birth.
  4. C/section (least favourable option)
Shane's reaction is hilarious.  He's very serious and worried and actually wants me to have the c/s I think so its a known solution.  The risk here for me is minimal, and actually in the current position bubs is in, its risk is fairly low too - its just the inconvenience of having to make the hospital delivery happen with me as the only driver and him somewhat incapable of running the household in my absence.
But I think he is actually getting a taste of what he put me through over the last wee while! (And on that note I'm really enjoying my new diamond earrings too......)

Why did baby turn?  Well I have my own suspicions on that, and I actually think that while I have been sitting in a good position, I'm been sitting alot doing all this sewing.  I wonder if bubs got sick of being head down in a little cramped pelvis while I sewed at my machine.  Its the only thing that has changed over the last week, and I'm thinking its the most likely cause, so the sewing machine is switched off from here until delivery!  Lucky all my log cabin stuff was done for Jan :)

My Plan of attack.
  • Lots of time with bum in air.  We will do pillows, crawling around on all fours, handstands at the pool, lying on a plank.  You name it, I'm going to try it!
  • Acupuncture booked in for tomorrow, he may do some dry needling, but its mainly going to be moxi and heat treatment.
  • NO MORE NATURAL INDUCEMENT!!  We don't want this baby to come between now and Monday's appointment otherwise I am straight into hospital. 
  • Lots of talking to bubs, and I'm trying to visualise a head locked into a pelvis.
  • Reduced sitting time, with no more sewing.
  • ECV I think on Monday if all fails.  There is lots of fluid there, I'm nice and spongey with saggy uterine muscles, so I think it will work.
On the positive side of things, bubs is confirmed to have an expected delivery weight of between 7-8lb, and I'm measuring bang on my dates.

As I said - never a dull moment in this household!


Charlotte said...

hi - I came to your blog from TNN. I just wanted to let you know that when I was stressing about an upside down baby I discussed it with a friend who is a Reiki practitioner. She has been able to turn 3 babies without even touching Mum. Sounds much more pleasant that the external version option.

Anonymous said...

Bugger, spud is locked and loaded here but am promptly getting my butt out of this chair in case she changes her mind! Good luck!

Sam said...

Max was breech up until 39 weeks, and decided to turn himself the day I was booked in for an ECV. i’d had several lots of acupuncture leading up to the day too, so don’t lose hope, he/she may turn spontaneously!

Fi said...

Thanks Sam,
Given that bubs has only just done this, perhaps we have a good chance of turning it back around again :)
Pesky child.....

Kris said...

No advice but sending some head down vibes to your little one. We'll be thinking of you