Friday, January 14, 2011

RAOK that was not so random, and was more like a swap....

Two lovely ladies did something nice for me recently.  Hannah dyed up some lovely grey wool, and Julia knitted it into a gorgeous baby blanket.

 Lovely isn't it?  They are both very clever women.

I'm shocking at not returning kindness - its in my nature to repay in some way.  Whether its a box of choccies, or something I can make - I aim to do something in return.

Julia has been doing some sewing lately, so I thought I'd whip her up a little cute pincushion, and a WIP bag.  She likes brown - so this knit was dug out from the stash and matched with a cute japanese print.

Hannah apparently likes brown, but it doesn't really matter cause she was getting this anyway - LOL.
I was totally lazy - managed to change to a ball tipped needle for the knit, but didn't even bother to coordinate the thread, so its a dark navy.  Slack huh?

All four knocked up in a couple of hours, and hopefully they show my appreciation to two lovely ladies.  The link to make the mousies can be found here.

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Rainbow Child said...

the blanket is gorgeous isnt it! wow! i have no idea how Julia knits so fast! lol

and i LOVE my package, so lovely of you :) xxx