Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A sneak peak ahead...

I'm so relieved!
This morning I found a really good free online source of templates that we should all be able to refer to - without infringing any copyrights, and saving me the trouble of teaching pattern drafting, or copying and mailing out templates!

Jinny Beyer Design Studio

(If this doesn't work - look at the free patterns and find the design studio)

Fabulous stuff!  Go and have a play. I've downloaded about 10 blocks in pdf. files -  fairly simple ones, although in Jinny's fabric, nothing really looks simple....  The nice thing about this, is she allows you to chose what size block you want the templates for.  I've selected all 12" blocks because thats what we will work with on this project.
But if you decide to go ahead or make life more challenging for yourself away from the herd, there is nothing stopping you from doing it.

The teacher can't stop coming out.... This is me allowing for extension of the more able students, or those that want to do more homework than I can be bothered setting!

I think our next block will be a simple 9 patch, but I am thinking of a sawtooth/ohio star, or churn dash for the following month.  Fun times!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen oh fransons crazy nine patch that look pretty cool though not so easy to do as a single block.
Loving the links and support think you are crazy doing this with a week to go am in the same boat and while I would love to start something new DH would kill me!!!

Fi said...

:) I've just had a look at that site - its great!
I'm more of a purist when it comes to patchwork. I love the old style traditional quilts, there is just something about an old fashioned quilt that sings to me.
This project is brilliant distraction to my ever increasing ankles!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL my distraction is sitting on the computer forum and blog hopping what awesome time wasters they are!
I also like http://www.filminthefridge.com/ yes hers are modern but I love the colours she uses so fresh and yummy.
BTW am an ex Cambridge girl (first 21 yrs of my life) my Mum still lives there.