Saturday, July 7, 2007

A kind donation

The steiner school that we attend for Playgroup is having a spring fair in October (I think???) and I offered to make a quilt for them to raffle off.
I had intended to make a quilt from all recycled materials - mens shirts and chenille/candlewicked blankets and then dye and piece them, but mens cotton shirts are so bloody expensive at St Vinnies!!
I got this pattern about 2 months ago, and I was itching to make it, so decided to pull all the spring like fabrics from my stash and put it together.
Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with it :( It was supposed to be all florals, and the swishs through the quilt were meant to be yellow and green. Unfortunately I am apparently yet to learn the finer points of fabric selection, and my yellow florals had too much green in them, so basically it looks like spring compost.
Still, I have shown them it, and they still want it for the raffle, it might raise $20 or so :(, you never know your luck in the big city.....
The good news is though it only took me about 2hrs to cut and about 4 to sew, and it was heaps of fun to make. I've done all the number crunching and because I want to make it for a queen bed, I've calculated out the numbers to upsize it. So when I find the fabric that is die for, that must be in my life forever, I'll make the bigger version for me.
In the meantime, this monstrosity needs some batting, backing and binding, and some machine quilting and then its gone!
Valuable lesson learnt here - lucky a cheap one.

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Rebecca said...

I think that looks great Fi. Hope they raise lots of money for your effort.

i would be happy to win it.