Thursday, July 12, 2007

A wee horse and plump pig

I finally got onto knitting a couple of steiner toys, and Jenna actually likes them!! Which is very exciting since she didn't like my knitted veges from a few months ago.....
Hamish likes them too, so they are an all round success.

Next I think I'll do the cat and a rabbit, cause Jenna is asking for a bunny. Then there is a small things swap coming up, so with a bit of luck my technique will be better by then that I can actually make some as a swap rather than just a couple of scruffy toys for my kids.

Hamish wore his woolly jumper today when we went out, and its HUGE, but he got lots of comments on it, so that was nice. He looked very, very snug :D


Kris said...

they look great! Its always good when they are appreciated too.

Keely said...

I love these little toys!! Where did you get pattrns for Steiner toys?