Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a hottie!!

Jenna has become obsessed with having a hottie in her bed. Well actually she was obsessed with the wheat bag, but after dealing with her waking up a few times cause it had gone cold, I got smart and got her hooked on the hotty, which stays almost warm til morning!
At the moment the cover is a sewn up piece of polar fleece, which actually works incredibly well, its such a great insulator, but I decided to knit one, and found this pattern on the net.
I've knitted it up, and I think I may have stuffed up my gauge a little, but anyway, it almost fits perfectly, but before I make the next one I will definitly make some changes to the pattern.
I might do some different patterns on the next one too, the cable is nice, but kinda basic, so maybe I'll do an aran style one.

I love the roll neck on it, the bottle goes in and stays in, but no annoying buttons on the back for kids to play with.

There is a small things swap coming up, so I reckon I might make one of these in some yummy wool - depending who I get of course. And I will make one for mum and maybe my nieces too.

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