Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dyeing Day

I finally found all my dyeing things from the move, and I've committed to selling wool and maybe (hopefully) cushions at a market at the end of Jan.
So these are my efforts for today.

Seems like such a lot of hard work, for not that much in the form of results!

But at least its about 1kg of wool dyed. I'm happy with some of it - but not so happy with the large skein of 8ply. Its felted a bit which is disappointing. I have another 2x 200g hanks, and I will have to break them up into 100g lots. 200g is too much to dye on my pot.

But a couple of them are awesome!!! Love about 4 of them. I'm having trouble getting a limey yellow, and pinks. So a couple of them have been dyed over.

In amongst this is some Treliske that I received in a swap. It was dyed bright red and blue, and was just never really my thing, so I over dyed it, and while I'm still not all that happy with it, I wil at least use it in its current form.

I have about another 1.5kg of wool left to dye, so I will probably try and do that next week sometime, and definitly aim for some subtle colours. These are very colourful!!!!!

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