Monday, January 14, 2008

No photos, just some blurb

No photos... Not that I haven't been doing anything - just my batteries are flat and I can't be f**d

So some musing instead.

Went to the super market today and saw 2 women (ex mums staff) that I haven't seen in years!!! It was lovely - hugs all round, which was really nice, and some lovely things were said. Gave me fuzzies inside. It was nice to feel at peace with people from my ;lr'ijgeoaqio

Bought the timber for the new deck and the shade sail over the kids play area. While I want to make everything I do perfect for this house, I think at some point I have to just let go and accept that its not going to be perfect and thats still OK!!
It will be great to have a deck that Hamish wont fall off, and a shade sail over the kids play area.

Joined the gym!! This is a big one, I haven't been a member of a gym for several years, and I have joined the new gym in town. I need to lose 10% doyfat - thats my primary goal, so if I can do it, I'm stoked.

Kids are good. trouble in so many ways, but good. Jenna was sleeping on me on the couch tonight - finally, she fell asleep after 2 hours of battling!!!
But then as I went to take a sip of wine, I spilt the whole glass over her and she woke up!!! It was actually hilarious! just not so much when she still was awake at 10pm... Grrrrr

Thats about it. I have recently dyed up some lovely wool, and I have bought some lovely wool too. I'm plugging ahead with my knitting - not doing any sewing, it feels wrong when I havent got my sewing room set up, but soon I will have things more organised, and thats a GOOD THING!!

Rambling over. :)

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