Monday, January 28, 2008

House shots

So we bought an older house when we got to NZ. Its in fairly good nick considering its nearly 40 years old, but there is a huge section of land (1012m2) and next to nothing on it.

So we have kicked in and starting doing a few things!

Here is my herb garden - I bought the old laundry tub of trade me for $25, not sure if that was expensive or not, but until we get a vege garden up and running, seemed like a good option. I like it - and the kids are having fun pulling the stone wall apart.

Here is the shade sail. We bought it pretty much unused from the girl guides back home, and then bought the 4 poles for about $30 each, and I dug the holes and we concreted them in about 1m each. Its great - and once we get the gardens all put in around the area and the yucky trees ripped out, it will be even nicer. I'm hoping to mainly have natives in the garden, unfortunately at the moment everything we have in the garden is native to other countries!! Not sure I want the lillypillies..... They have awful roots and their flowers attract lots of bees, which sucks next to kids play areas!

Here is the back yard. As you can see - completely blank canvas!!! We need to put an orchard in the back somewhere and resow the grass after levelling the ground. In 5 years it will be totally cool!!!

This is the deck that Shane has started putting on. Day 4-5 of The Great Deck Build..... fun fun fun!!! It will be wonderful once its done, but unfrotunately the nail gun has died, and he is having to nail by hand - not happy jan!!

And here are the kids shots. Hamish being just like Dad. First the screwdriver, then the beer can. Kids!!!

So no socks finished yet - but I have been busy!! I also made some curtains for our room, and a blind is nearly finished. I have got about 10% through my sock that has to be finished in 4 days. But its really hard when Shane is busy working and the kids want in then out then in then out.... Enough excuses - I have dinner to make!

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Keely said...

Great idea on the old laundry tubs for a herb garden!