Sunday, February 3, 2008

The first broken limb for my children

I've been picking up some waitressing work before uni starts - its a killer cause I only get $13/hr before tax, and its hard, hard, work!
I left at lunchtime yesterday, and got home at about 3am to find this little girl asleep on the couch.

Her dad explained to me how they went to the park in the afternoon, and she fell off the big girls swing!!

Its a green stick fracture apparently, so only a mild break, but it still means that we all live with the inconvenience of a 2.5yo in plaster for 4 weeks. Ugh!!!

Dad didn't call me home from work, which part of me doesn't mind so much, but still, I do feel for him at the medical centre with 2 small children, and both very upset!!

Ah well - its about her 3rd major injury, both the otehrs have left scars, so at least this one wont. She starts kinder this week though..... Not sure how that is going to go!


Jack said...

You have a daredevil on your hands there.

Tania said...

What a gorgeous photo! It will be a day/night you'll all remember I'm sure. Thank goodness it's just a mild fracture and hope it is better soon.

Tracy said...

Hopefully it will heal quickly. Hugs.