Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bag Swap

Gee - I just love swaps! Well actually thats not entirely true....

I dont like the stress of getting the swap out, but I love receiving swaps and I also love getting my swap wrapped up and out the door!

My latest was a bag swap with TNN - The Nappy Network - which is an NZ cloth nappy website.

The criteria was a $10 max spend and the bag had to be made yourself. I decided to knit a bag since most of the others were sewing, and well, knitting is so much more portable! Actually the real answer is my sewing table is covered in uni stuff, and I can't be bothered sorting it until I have my new office at school.

So unfortunately I didn't get the swap finished by the deadline, which was about the 20th Dec, and as we flew out to Oz on the 16th, I was kinda stuffed. Luckily I got an extension, which was very nice, and here I am showing my swap before its sent.... I think the post office is closed now isn't it? No point in not showing it :)

It is the Elissa Nest Tote from the Purl Bee (I love this website!!!!!) and I'm pretty happy with it. The applied I-cord border took me a couple of goes, but I got there in the end.

As it was late I decided to add a couple of extras - some hot pink tea-towels, a ball-band dishcloth in contrasting colours, some choccy and I have regifted some seeds from the lovely Shae, as we already had these in our stash ( and I thought the idea of brown packet, rainbow silverbeet worked well with the whole theme ). Its now wrapped up in monster fabric and ready to be sent on Monday!

I received a lovely package in return from my swapper in Hamilton.

Not sure who - I am hopeless at trying to figure these things out! 3 bags, I think they will be good for the library. Red and black pirates for Hamish, purple butterflies for Jenna, and a nice black and green bag for me (I guess?).

Thanks so much swappers (for your patience and your great work) and here's to the next swap. Hand Dyed yarn swap in Feb 09.

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