Monday, January 19, 2009

The dreams begin...

So the new career starts in 2 weeks. And I am ashamed to admit I am having "those" dreams.

You know - the ones that show you have no control over your class (and you are screaming at them.....), you have no knowledge of pedagogy or content, you upset all the others in the department at the staff meeting.

The list goes on. Everytime I think of the dreams I start packing myself about the fact that the dream will be a reality in a very short time.

But then I remind myself that I am OK with this teaching thing, I do know my content, and I am totally into power sharing - so I dont actually have to yell at the kids, I am all for negotiating the best situation and environment to suit us all.

Still - I dont remember having these nightmares about engineering? Maybe its cause I cared less back then, and I am far more interested in making a jolly good go of this teaching gig.


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Tania said...

Oh thinking of you! Hope all goes well. I started back at work last Monday. First time in 4 and a half years. No dreams, but after having a little person sewn to my side for the past 4 years, man is this wierd!!!!