Friday, January 16, 2009

The wierd questions you get asked....

So I am booked in for an MRI on Monday for my ankle. Turns out that the ortho surgeon I went to today identified a loose piece of bone in my ankle, which is likely to be the reason I have been in such pain for the last 8m. It seems the "bit" is well rounded, so it possibly is old, and comes from the initial sprains in my ankle from when I was 13-14.

Anyhoo - I am looking at surgery, 6w in a cast, a couple of weeks off work (possibly....) and an ankle reconstruction to tighten up sloppy soft tissue.

But the interesting thing was when being asked medical questions for the MRI, I was asked about claustrophobia (I can understand that one), metal inserts or plates (again, I get that one) and then out of the blue - have you had metal removed from your eye......

Well actually I have! In the BC (Before Children) days, when Shane and I used to be able to have some fun, we went go-carting, which resulted in a metal splinter in my eye. Roll on the hospital, a sharp implement to remove said splinter, eye drops, pain and a scar left on my eyeball that gets commented on everytime I visit an optomatrist.

So evidentally it will all be OK since the whole thing was removed (under the watchful eye of about 6 baby doctors and the specialist who narrated the whole thing) but imagine that - in the MRI, and BOOOM - your eye gets punctured from the piece of metal in your eye flying out towards the strong magnetic field.

Cool :)

Just thought that was amusing - I've never been asked that before, and it just sort of surprised me.

The downside of the surgery - No netball this year. 6-12m recovery. Unhappy school with teacher on first year of service taking sick leave. Cast and Moonboot for 6w. Pain. Possible weight gain - thus diet.

The upside - more knitting time!! Excuse for said beginner teacher to sit in the corner of the class and issue instructions. No whiteboard writing for 6w. Development of lots of OHT and Computer based resources for kids. Next year - Painfree netball, running, swimming etc.

Wonder what my HOD will say next week when I fill him in. Hopefully I can schedule said surgery for end of term 1 or 2 holidays. Fingers crossed.


sweetp said...

ewwww mental picture of eyeball exploding inside MRI machine....

Jack said...

Bummer that you have to have surgery Fi. :( Best get those projects lined up.