Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going live soon at Craft Fetish

This is my latest idea to sell through my online store Yarn-A-Du at Craft Fetish.

The Rainbow Dress by the lovely Tikki is a very popular item to knit in NZ. After the great comments on my last dresses on both Ravelry and TNN, I decided to dye up kits for people who want a similar sort of effect. Tikki thinks its a great idea too ;) - Thanks Georgie!

Rainbow kits, using a superwash NZ made DK/8 ply wool, come with two colours. The main colour is a variegated wool dyed with different repeats that will pool in unique ways on the skirt. Included in the kit is matching semi-solid, kettle dyed wool designed to be used for the bodice.

The approximate breakdowns are 50g and 150g, but there are small, medium and large kits.

I anticipate that there will plenty of wool to make one rainbow dress, and possibly a matching dolls dress, or maybe a beanie for your little girl.

Of course - there is nothing to say you have to use them for rainbow dresses - maybe for a special boys item of your choosing.

Going live Wednesday 21st Jan at 7pm. 7 kits available at this stage - more to follow!


tikki said...

absolutely gorgeous fi!!!!
do you ship to australia??

Fi said...

I could if need be :)

These prices would need to be slightly revisited for Oz postage :)

Sharonnz said...

Great idea! Hope it goes well for you.

Sandra said...

Your yarns are absolutely gorgeous!

I particular love the one with blue hues.

All the best with your new venture!

Once my stash get a wee dent in it I'll definitely be purchasing.

nova_j said...


Anonymous said...

I was just looking at your blog and Selena (2) saw your wool and was telling me about the "pretty wools".