Thursday, October 18, 2007

A dress for a nappy

We have been on the hunt for new nappies for Hamish as he has had a massive growth spurt in the last couple of months, and finally looks chubby ;)
One of the girls on Nappycino wanted a swap for a nappy that I wanted to try, so this is what I made for her 2yo daughter. I tried it on Jenna, and its sooooo cute! Its more of a tunic than anything, but should fit on top of pants for a year or so, just by moving the buttons.
Jenna wears heaps of this style of pinny, and I love them. I recently made abotu 3 of them, 2 to give away, but they were the longer versions so I am going to hem them all much shorter before they go.
Actually a very good pattern this one - the pants and top in the pack were good too.

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