Friday, October 26, 2007

Gorgeous fabric

I bought this today. I went in for 1 skein of DMC in red for my woolaholics kitchen swap, and saw this fabric. Loved it immediately.
Its 2.6m wide backing fabric, but far too nice to go on the back of anything I say. I would like to makea pinny for Jenna from it, teamed with Denim, and I think I would like to make a skirt from it for me. But I have no idea what pattern and I just dont have time to do anything now.
So it might go in the box for NZ where it will get used.

I think Tikki may like it too, so I might see if she wants a swatch to make something for her little girl.

The other thing I could do is use it for a bedspread - just an all over quilted pattern on it, some batting, a binding (I'm thinking scalloped) and voila - a new bedspread.

Thankfully the shop keeper marked it down for me in order for me to take the last of it on the bolt. There was 2m, and I really only wanted 1.5, so she knocked the price down from $35 to $26 for me. Ah a bargain - I love a bargain ;)

Wont let me load the picture on.... Grrr

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