Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sock Swapping Wool

Eeeek!!! I dyed this up today, and I'm soooooo happy with it!
One of them is supposed to go to my swapper, but I want to keep both of them!

I've done a really big repeat, each colour is about 60cm or so, so it *should* do two rounds or there abouts, meaning that it will form stripes for the person knitting. To be truthful I only knitted a couple of rounds of 2 different sock patterns in the flat, and took a guess from there, but all the same, it will form stripes.

So which one do I keep? I'm leaning towards the blueish one. I have some bought wool about the same colour as the pinky one, so the blue will add to my stash ;)

The wool is Patonyle, which has about 20% nylon I think, and it makes the acid wool dyes just burst with colour. So much fun to dye :)

Ok - a bit silly but this photo wont load......
Hmmm, off to ponder!

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