Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nemo Shorties

Man - you forget how much fun shorties/longies etc are until you knit them again!
I put all my other knitting down yesterday and made these shorts in about 6hrs. SOOOO much fun! And very quick too.

They are made with the picky pants pattern from LTK, which would have to be my favourtie pattern I think, and the wool was 12ply BFL from Jolly Jumbuk. Irene did a great job with the dye job, they are very bright and cheerful, and so soft! I thought it might have been a bit scratchy while I was knitting it, but when it was knitted up, just has such a nice drape, and feels so soft. Would be lvoely to have a winter jumper from it :) MInd you - not in these colours, might be a bit overpowering!

I've decided I'm not going to muck around with fancy short rows methods anymore. I do the best I can, its quick, there isn't much of a hole on the purl wrap, so who cares. I'm happy with them, and as you can tell from mr wiggle bum in the photos, he's pretty happy too.

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