Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful wool, but what to do??

I bought this wool from my LYS a few weeks ago for about $2.50 a ball. Its super stunning, 50% fine merino - those poor sheep :( - and 50% alpaca. Its Aymara
I've knitted the cream one up about 3 times now, and I haven't been happy with the result. Several scarf attempts later I decided to try dyeing the cream one, and then when I put it with the other 2 colours, well they go so nicely that I just can't do it.

It needds to be a loose knit scarf as while this is a fine wool, its very bulky, and goes stiff and scrunchy when knitted tightly, and thats not pleasant...

I just dont know what to do with it!!

Edited 2m later to include photos. Yay for broadband finally!! :)

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